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BSCPad...Guaranteed but...

We have decided to subscribe to BSCPad to see for ourselves what the fuss was about. BSCPad is one of the most popular launchpads on the Binance Smart Chain.

Many other launchpads are (i) either very very expensive to get into (TrustSwap) or (ii) operate lotteries with zero guarantee (PolkaStarter) or (iii) operate on a purely first come first served (FCFS) basis (DuckStarter). So a launchpad that seems both affordable and guarantees allocation seems like the perfect match...well not exactly. Let us explain.

Actually BSCPad will give you a guaranteed allocation for part of the tokens. And then you will also be entitled to claim additional tokens in a FCFS race.

First we reached the Silver Tier level by purchasing staking 2,500 BSCPad tokens. At the time this cost us around $2,500.

Then we went through the White List of the relevant project.

On the day of the ICO you will need to:

- Go to the Launchpad tab of the BSCPad website

- Find the relevant project

- Click on it when the day and date comes

- 'Approve' and then 'Join Pool' for the maximum amount of allocation granted to you. In our case for NFT Stars we were garanteed an allocation of only $14 (!). This does not compare well with allocations of other sites like TrustSwap or DuckStarter (around $300-$500).

- Then a few hours later you will be given the possibility to participate in the FCFS allocation. When the moement comes for the FCFS you will first need to 'Approve' your allocation. In this case we were granted an additional $9.

- A few minutes later the site will unlock the 'Join Pool' functionnality. You will need to 'Approve' and 'Join Pool' for the allocated amount in the FCFS stage.

In the end our $2,500 investment in BSCPad tokens only gave us the possibility to subscribe for $23... so great pocket money but no life changer! We assume that higher tier get bigger allocations but seeing messages from people complaining on Telegram we understand that the allocations are not very impressive even for Gold and Platinium Tiers.

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