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Bull Market Ahead...More Signals ?

Dernière mise à jour : 10 juin 2021

This week have sent contrasted signals, to say the least.

Even when backed by prestigious launchpads like BSCPad, many ICOs/IDOs made a big flop.

On June 2nd the Qan PLatform (QanX) launch was a bit of a fiasco. Lack of clarity and miscommunication from the offiicial telegram channels, scammers' noise, difficult market conditions, super fast pump and dump bot action prevented many investors from flipping their coins as expected. Result... not so good as shown on the graph below.

This is a pity as the Qan platform project seems actually very strong. It is a quantum resistan hybrid blockchain platform, basically allowing cryptos and blockchain in the forthcoming quantum computing world. With all due respect, this is not a Shiba Inu coin...

Please refer to the the Qan Platform site and the token's Etherscan page for more information.

The Qan Plantform token that was released on Pancake Swap and Uniswap on June 2nd is the wrapped version of the already existing QAN token, known as QANX

This project may be great potential, especially at today's hugely discounted price... There is a strong technology, convincing use cases, some history and background, potential customers like Amazon and a possible technological revolution a few years away...who knows...

Later the same week the June 6th sale of NFT STARS token also went (kind of) belly up.

Some investors (who actually paid the hefty price of 2 BUSD per NFT Stars token) seem to have lost their shirt in this ICO. The price shot straight up and crashed within a matter of seconds.

So when BSCPad project TronPad was launched this week-end and held its price steady (with a few bumps), this brought some hope to the depressed ICO world.

These shows that projects with clear communication or strong fundamentals will still do well in a 'bearish' market.

In contrast, other allegedly 'lighter' project suffer from the bearish conditions and are more prone to quick market speculation. Dura lex sed lex!

It is dangerous to invest on NFT or hype coins when BTC is still out there, taking a beating.

These examples also show that projects vetted by a launchapd do not necessarily guarantee investors quick and easy money.

Always think twice and do your due diligence before investing !

The TronPad token had a great use case, i.e. a promising underlying technology and platform (Tron) + the need to stack 200,000 TronPad tokens to receive guaranteed access to the Tron launchpad ICO projects. The lower tiers will get lottery tickets.

Seeing recent whale alerts (50,000,000 USDT transferred to the crypto market this Monday...) things are about to get more serious.

And if you fancy peeking into this wallet...don't be jealous... if you like ETH :) Link HERE

Other alerts keep coming...

Get ready for the next phase ! (it can be either a big dump followed by major whale buying, or straight away a fast uprising trend... at this point hard to know but something big is probably cooking...)

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