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New crypto gem? B-Cube.ai... Trading Bots for Bulls & Bears

Dernière mise à jour : 11 juin 2021

Today we are talking about a possible hidden gem: a French crypto project called B-Cube.ai that has been launching an ICO last month on the Ethereum network (Uniswap): Token page on Etherscan HERE.

Self-described as "Cutting-edge AI Crypto Trading Bots", we believe the B-cube.ai project has a lot going for it.

First we enjoyed the great human story behing the project:

This project looks totally legit and shows strong fundamentals :

- Backed up by prestigious French institutions (like the University of Paris Saclay, prestigious first tier electric engineer school Superlec, the official French Tech governmental agency, etc.).

- Winner of several tech innovation prizes in 2019 and 2020

- Solid technical team led by the charismatic 'Guru' (Guruprasad Venkatesha)

- Convincing technology. The bot connects to your Binance through the API and trades on your behalf. There are several formula available. The most popular one is apparently a €49 per month 'Bull & Bear altcoin' option.

- Convincing use case with crypto trading bots: make bots available to people with zero trading experience and getting the crypto market ready for the masses.

The tokenomics also look strong:

- Few holders at this stage (only 756 on June 10th 2021)

- Relatively low market cap (max supply of 50,000,000)

- Price currently discounted (around $0.2285 per token on Uniswap on June 10th 2021) - this is below the lottery allocation price which was set at $0.60

- Project still relatively confidential: future listing probably forthcoming (coingecko, etc.?)

- Future staking plan - possibility to earn rewards for staking your B-cube.ai tokens on the B-cube.ai platform.

- Use of the B-cube.ai token to access different tiers on the platform (like in a launchpad).

- We are not entirely convinced by the 44% allocation to the company but it may also be a sign of strength if the intention is to avoid future price crashes. Such a concentration can be a double edge sword.

- A progressive and apparently reasonable vesting schedule:

We believe that great communication is what sets B-cube.ai apart.

The team has been very active and transparent to communicate on Telegram, painstakingly building a B-cube.ai 'community'.

Recent communications have been particularly interesting to understand how things work when you lauch a crypto project. While investors usually understand ICOs from a buyer's standpoint, it is rare to obtain clear and transparent information from the projects' teams.

The latest messages from B-cube.ai explain clearly the first round of financing with Venture Capital and why the price dropped by 50% on June 6th, as shown in the week's price chart on June 10th.

Here's the gist of it:

"I know prices of the $BCUBE have nose dived yesterday which has disturbed many but let me assure you there is no change in the intrinsic value or the fundamentals of the company.

Selling pressure is not coming from the common public but from so-called "two angels" who are not angel investors but "low-level evil dumpers".

Those "Strategic investors" are much worse than "when moon when Lambo" kind of guys. I am harsh on them because this was not supposed to happen as we held many meetings before making them an allocation, many things were promised in return for making them an allocation.

I believed in them because of their background when it comes to angel investors & the kind of investment made previously when it comes to Strategic/VC investors. Slowly it was clear to me that these so-called Strategic investors & VCs are just making some small investments and claiming to be big investors. This crypto world is full of scams.

From there the message gets missed opportunities and regrets:

"GD10 Ventures" approached us a little late but we did not have that many tokens left to make them an allocation. They wanted a good size of investment as credible funds want to have skin in the game. If I could go back then I will cancel allocation of those "fake angels" & "fraud VCs" despite signing the SAFT to give allocation to GD10 and other first-tier VCs.

We could have completely made the private round only for VCs in which case GD10 Ventures and others could have been accommodated. Many started to complain that this token sale is no different from others if we do it that way by selling tokens to many VCs & funds. To be honest, there were many polls asking the community every time what they feel, how it should be done, which was totally unnecessary and the decision should have been taken on my own.

Admission of errors is rare enough to be noted. We find this approach refreshing, candid and transparent, especially in the opaque world of crypto.

The rest of the message then addresses a fundamental question of the separating line between R&D and marketing.

B-cube.ai's message here is reassuring:

"So if there has to be some result then it should happen the way we want which will be in the interest of everyone. Listing on more DEXs means adding $250k of minimum liquidity on each exchange which will drain the funds that are meant for the development of the project. Good CEX will ask for a minimum of 2,500 holders of token + a minimum of $250k-$400k which will again not bring any result except losing funds. If you want that then it is easy for us to stop development by listing on BSC, SUSHI, Many CEX, etc but not doing anything else. This is what some scam projects are doing with great marketing but having zero substance inside".

B-bube.ai just announced the releasing new bots on the platform: "These new bots can be used in maximum 2 months from now but results of the bots will be visible in real time. We are also making it possible to get signals as of now of these new advanced algorithms which can be used for making manual trades. They are performing amazingly well even in bear markets. We will make it possible for all the HODLERS of BCUBE tokens to get access to them even before the staking smart contracts come into picture. Details of which will be available in a week or two"... this adds to the token's use case!

This also transpires from the project's White Paper.

After focusing heavily on R&D, B-cube.ai has now decided to shift some of its attention to marketing efforts. This is indeed fundamental in this crypto space with thousands of new projects and an oversatured communication environment.

Let's see how B-cube.ai performs in the coming weeks and months but we believe this crypto should possibly be a long term keeper, not a short term 'flipcoin'.

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