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Review of Jason Pizzino's "Investor Accelerator" Course

Dernière mise à jour : 7 juin 2021

Australian trader surfer Jason Pizzino has built some fame, thanks to his crypto trading YouTube channel.

His approach mainly focuses on technical analysis and trend spotting for long term investment purposes. His philosophy: don't resist the market, accompany it and surf on its waves...

Jason Pizzino has been active on the crypto market for quite some time now. He has also been active on other markets (property, stocks, etc.) over the years.

We have reviewed Jason Pizzino's Investor Accelerator course. Overall, this course left a very positive impression on us.

Jason Pizzino's approach is very straightforward and his course is well structured.

Jason Pizzino explains trading in a very clear manner and we think he possesses the right skills to be teaching finance and trading. He is obviously experienced, clear, articulate and very structured.

Jason Pizzino's main message is to avoid day-trading and rather focus on trend-trading, a practice that

(i) does not require monitoring markets 24/7 and leaves some time for 'real life' and

(ii) actually allows investors to anticipate trends and limit risks.

We genuinely think that the course is convincing and that any new investor (in any market) will benefit from Jason Pizzino's no nonsense approach to trading.

Jason Pizzino's forensic approach to investment is based on available economics, science theories and maths (technical analysis).

After this course, the Wyckoff Accumulation & Distribution theory, the Fibonacci retracements and other financial theories will have no secret for you.

Jason Pizzino method mainly consists of studying curbs and markets natural patterns.

We particularly enjoyed his wish to give anyone enough confidence to read financial charts and learn to see trends forming.

This ability is akin to learning a new language and, like with everything in life, practice makes perfect. This is where the Investor Accelerator private Facebook group comes in.

This private group (which includes many Australian investors) is a perfect addition to the course. The community shares insights, questions, and real time market analysis.

While Jason created the course, he is not too active in the group itself. The Investor Accelerator Community is mostly managed by his brother, Michael, who does a great job in animating the community and posting live videos/updates. Basically this is a family business!

The IA course itself is clear, straightfoward, well structured and very useful for everyone interested in investing long term on various markets. We enjoyed the fact that it was not too long and that it was very practical.

For example, he takes the time to explain how to use the graphs and features of TradingView and give you the tools to make your own analysis. It is truly a class to help you become independent in your analysis and to make your own opinion.

We believe that the Jason Pizzino's Investor Accelerator course should actually be part of the basic curriculum taught in good business schools...

Many principles and ideas Jason Pizzino teaches sound like common sense... but he does a good job in clarifying and reformulating basic principles that every investor should always remember.

We enjoyed the course and it is probably worth every penny if you are a serious long term investor. However, we think that the price is a bit hefty (around 800 Australian dollars excluding tax, i.e. 620 US $).

For those who do not wish to pay for this course, treat yourself and at least check out Jason Pizzino's great crrypto videos on Youtube.

Jason Pizzino is one of the rare cold-headed crypto voices around. He does not get involved in the melodrama and hype surrounding everyday crypto 'news'. Instead he prefers to calmly focus on market behaviour and identify trends.

This brings a lot of serenity and take most of the investment stress out. His class sometimes looks like a buddhist meditation class... whatever happens breathe deeply, plan ahead, learn to read the universe patterns and everything will be fine!

Our Review:

- Content: 80%

- Teacher: 90%

- Extra features (Facebook group and videos): 90%

- Price: 60%

- Overall grade: 85%

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