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TronPad...Bring it on!

New TronPad lanchapad coming in 2 days!

Tron was founded in 2017 by Justin Sun, a Chinese tech entrepreneur. Tron (TRX) is the native coin of the Tron blockchain. It is currently the 24th crypto coin by market cap (around $5 billion in circulation in June 2021).

Tron is a smart contract-capable blockchain. As one of the earliest smart contract platforms to move to mainnet, TRON now has a well-developed ecosystem of DApps and DeFi products. This includes the decentralized file-sharing protocol BitTorrent, decentralized exchange PoloniDEX and the JUST ecosystem of DeFi platforms. Since TRON’s virtual machine is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), developers can easily port their DApps from Ethereum or other EVM-compatible blockchains to TRON. Some critics said that Tron was an ETH copycat.

Many believe that Tron has a huge potential. Part of the reason is its already existing ecosystem. And the market seems to acknowledge this, seeing the recent price fluctuations of the TronPad token.

Justin Sun recently teamed up with the seasoned BSCPad launchpad team to create a new launchpad exclusively dedicated to growing the Tron ecosystem.

To date, TronPad is the only IDO platform built on the Tron network and that is partnering with the Tron Network. The goal of TronPad is to "empower cryptocurrency projects with the ability to distribute tokens and raise liquidity".

The new Tronpad launchpad tokens were issued in an ICO and a public sale this weekend.

The result was impressive considering how bearish the market is at the moment for new projects and established cryptos.

The TronPad website is currently an information page. It tells us that staking the TronPad tokens will start in 2 days and a few hours.

The ICO allocation is promising but the cost of entry is steep.

TronPad announces that its allocation process is entirely fair and equitable:

"One of the fundamental flaws of existing launchpads is acquiring enough tokens to participate in the ecosystem can be prohibitive. This can be based on a first come first serve basis where automated bots can fill the whitelist spots in a matter of seconds. TronPad addresses this issue and is designed for fair decentralized launches.

The hallmark of TronPad is a two-round system, consisting of an open public lottery with no requirement for holding tokens, a participation lottery for lower levels and guaranteed allocation for higher levels. Any of the allocation that is not bought in time is then offered on a 'first come first served' basis".

First impression looking at the allocation details, this does not look like entirely equitable to us.

Let's take a look...

"TronPad offers a public white list lottery tier, weighted lottery tiers and guaranteed allocation tiers.

Each project's overall IDO offering is split into these allocations:

- 5% for public white list lotteries (open to anyone who completes tasks, no tokens required)

- 25% for lottery Tiers (Earth and Moon tiers)

- 70% for guaranteed allocation Tiers (higher tiers)"

In its sales pitch TronPad makes it a big deal that "5% of the IDO will be allocated to the public!" (the exclamation mark is a quote from the launchpad itself).

Tronpad explains that "this is open to anyone who completes tasks, with no requirement to stake TRONPAD tokens".

Truth is, this is not entirely convincing if you look closer. First, 95% is not allocated to the public...

Then looking at the tiers, the Earth and Moon tier need respectively 15,000 and 50,000 TronPad tokens staked to get weighted lottery tickets: 1 ticket for Earth tier stakers and 4 tickets for Moon tier stakers. There is no guaranteed allocation for these tiers despite the cost of entry (almost $7,000 for Moon at the time of writing).

So what is the difference between an Earth token staker (15,000 tokens = 1 lottery ticket) and a white list public applicant? This is not entirely clear at this stage but we believe that it only relates to the (i) the size of the allocation pool (25% for Earth and Moon stakers v 5% for the public) and (ii) the odds of winning (more chances of winning the lottery in the Tiers as there will be less people).

To be guaranteed an allocation you need... 200,000 staked TronPad tokens ($30,000 on June 9th, 2021).

We still do not know the size of allocations (let's hope it is better than the minuscule BSCPad allocations). It will all depend on how many people receive an allocation in each tier.

We also do not have the details of the staking process itself. We just know that everyone had to open a Tron Wallet, that it is not possible to send BEP-20 tokens like TronPad from (let's say) your regular Metamask wallet and your Tron wallet. The catch is that the TronPad site currently only allows you to connect to a Tron wallet.

So how do you stake your TronPad tokens on the TronPad platform?

- Maybe by TronPad allowing investors to connect their regular BSC wallets to TRonPad? This is not possible today but maybe they will unlock this functionnality (like BSCPad does).

- Maybe not... We believe that the staking actually will happen through a bridge between BSC and Tron networks... but this is still partly unclear and will (hopefully) be announced in due time by the Platform. What will probably happen is that the BSCPad BEP-20 token will probably have to be switched to a Tron compatible token in order to be transferred to the Tron wallet and then staked to the TronPad site... that's our best guess after seeing messages on Telegram and Twitter but they still lack clarity.

The first project announced to be launched in a few days is a super exciting very low $99,500 market cap project (very high potential for growth for the lucky early investors). Cross Wallet is described as allowing "storage, security and cross-chain trading in one seamless experience - effortlessly allowing transaction and trade across Ethereum, BSC, TRON, Bitcoin, Polkadot, Cardano, Solana and more... truly blockchain agnostic".

The CrossWallet project seems to be concurrently available on TronPad and on BSCPad as stated on the CrossWallet White List (you can add your BSC wallet address for people participating on BSCPad or your Tron wallet address for people participating through TronPad). The White list is still open and can be found on the official Twitter pages of TronPad and BSCPad. Link to the CrossWallet White List can be found HERE.

So keep watching projects on TronPad, watch Tronx coin, watch Tronpad token... The clock is now ticking...

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