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When Lambo? A Unique NFT Collection...

A refreshing NFT collection, and an early project launched on Tezos Blockchain.

The 'When Lambo?' series is a unique and refreshing NFT art collection has just been launched on Tezos.

We particularly enjoy (i) the spontaneous feel of this series with its 30 original art variations. and (ii) its refreshing take on crypto market's collective hopes, full of irony.

Contrary to many series recently launched on ETH, SOL, etc. with 10,000 units, this new series is quite exclusive with only 30 declinations. It is also quite original. No apes, no badgers, just basic art.

The Artist Batbro defined his series as 'Art by the people for the people'. It is worth noticing that the prices are quite reasonable (around 1 tezos to 3 tezos at launch).

Batbro has created artwork for quite some time in the underground world but this is his first NFT series.

We believe that this collection has the potential to become noticeable in the future. It is a very early NFT series launched on Tezos (a promising NFT ecosystem). It also encapsulates the state of mind of many NFT and crypto traders, adding some humour, a cute feel and colours in the mix.

The Artist Batbro plans to launch additional NFT series in the coming months but the current series is finite, which means that it is still time to grab some of those NFTs for cheap and before they get exhausted. Some have already gone but there are still some cool ones for grab...

Link to the collection: https://www.hicetnunc.xyz/batbro/creations

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